ATP with new president


ATP with new president


ATP with new president

Associação Têxtil e Vestuário de Portugal (Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal) has a new president: Mário Jorge Machado, president of Adalberto. The new leader headed a single list with Miguel Pedrosa Rodrigues, administrator of Pedrosa & Rodrigues, and Isabel Gonçalves Furtado, administrator of TMG, as vice-presidents.

Paulo Melo, former president, remains linked to the association, occupying one of the seats of vowel in the board.

Mário Jorge Machado defends as major priorities to defend the competitiveness of companies at international level, to help companies make the transition to the circular economy and sustainability and the visibility of the textile, clothing and fashion industry.

In an interview given to the Portugal Têxtil portal, the newly elected president of ATP is concerned “that the sector loses competitiveness, that the political power does not understand that the industrial and exporting sectors have to maintain their competitiveness”, defending that “continuing to show the country that the textile and clothing sector is a sector where there are many opportunities” is fundamental.

Mário Jorge Teixeira faces the mandate that begins as a continuation of the work that has been done by the Association, which considers to have done a good job in helping companies to be properly represented in political power and well as in the public opinion.

Source: Portugal Têxtil

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